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SpaceX Axiom-1 Mission: What Is it?

On Friday, four private citizens were the first to establish history by going into outer space on the first mission ever undertaken by a wholly civilian crew to the International Space Station.

Over the past couple of decades, billionaire entrepreneurs Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos have secretly spearheaded trips to suborbital space.

It is also just the latest example of how human spaceflight, limited to governments and their space agencies, is blossoming into a commercial enterprise.

What is Axiom?

Axiom Space's AX-1 mission is the world's first all-private spaceflight mission to the International Space Station (ISS). The crew participating in this flight will incorporate an educational outreach strategy and conduct innovative research experiments while onboard the ISS.

SpaceX Axiom-1 Mission: What Is it?

What does Axiom space do?

Axiom provides space services for individuals and companies, such as sending a human-crewed space mission to the space station. Axiom's manned mission is a 15-week space training regimen.

The Crews Mission?

The crew of the AX-1 spacecraft will journey further than 20 hours to the International Space Station. The quartet expects to stay eight days in orbit.

They will participate in research projects and humanitarian ventures, such as the tests of health-related methodologies for the Mayo Clinic and the Montreal Children's Hospital.