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6 Tips on How to Travel Smart and on a Budget

Come up with a plan

Traveling spontaneously is great if you have the luxury of time and money to spare. But if you’re traveling on a budget, the first thing to do is come up with a plan. Leaving less to chance means less unexpected spending; last-minute flights and accommodation are often far more expensive.

Travel out of season

Avoid trips during the school holidays, this is when the travel industry hikes up prices to take advantage of families who can only travel during these weeks. Research the best time to visit your intended destination, and then travel just before or after these dates.

Be accommodation-savvy

Dorm rooms in hostels are preferable to pricey hotel suites. Sharing a space naturally distributes costs, and shared bunk rooms provide you the chance to meet others who might be eager to go exploring with you. Websites like Airbnb and Couchsurfing, where you can just reserve a spare room in a local person's home or apartment, are also fantastic alternatives.

Purchase tickets in advance

Especially return flights, as it is never ideal to run out of money when traveling abroad without a secure way to return home. Up to a year in advance, airlines "release" their available seats, and as departure day approaches, prices rise, especially in the last month.

Use public transportation

Less expensive than flights are buses and railways. It's that easy! An overnight train trip also saves you the cost of one less hostel night.

Avoid wasting your money.

Instead of eating at a costly cafe or restaurant, you can get inexpensive lunches from a supermarket or even a neighborhood fresh food market. Prior to deciding where to eat dinner, try to take a stroll.