Emily in Paris — Season 3, Episode 4 Recap

At the start of episode 4 of Emily in Paris, Emily is living the good life in Paris as an Instagrammer after quitting her job at Savoir.

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While Sylvie and her crew are hard at work at Agence Grateau. Sylvie looks to have stolen Emily’s idea for pet filters because she is advertising it to the customers without Emily.

Sylvie tells them they shouldn’t rely on the advice of someone who doesn’t work there. She works alongside Sofia, a brand-new client, at Camille’s gallery. Sofia is leaning against Camille in what appears to be a confessional. One of her works of art is on display in the gallery, and says, “Somehow, I believe you always will get what you want. Sofia, whose show is on secrecy, lends Camille one among her secrets since she “doesn’t have any”.

After that, Camille’s cell phone sounds, breaking their silence.

We rush over to visit Emily and Mindy even though Gabriel is yelling at someone on the phone across the street at his business. Emily’s days are now terribly dull, so she and Mindy start thinking about how to spend them best.

As they sip their cocktails, Gabriel comes over to them to voice his displeasure about his deceitful server. Gabriel admits she doesn’t know the cuisine but hesitantly accepts Emily’s offer to get to the plate.

When the eatery opens that evening, she needs help communicating with the French customers. Despite this, she pulls it off, enchanting everyone to the point where one of the customers requests a photo with her.

That night, while still in bed with her boyfriend, Sylvie, who is running her business with Emily, becomes so stressed from all the red tape she has to cope with. She calls Laurent and asks for support. Laurent responds that he can help Sylvie.

The next day, Sylvie meets Camille and the parents. They are in shock when they hear that Emily is still living in Paris and spending her days giving Segway tours. Camille and her parents leave the office after their chat. For the first time, Camille admits she made a poor choice by breaking her vow to Emily and getting back together with Gabriel. Her parents are not worried about it, so the issue is shelved.

In her home after work, Sylvie relaxes on the couch and cuddles up to her husband. Sylvie and Laurent sip red wine when Erik, her lover, walks in angry. He is nearly driven to suicide, especially after learning that Laurent will be staying around them for a few days. Sylvie then keeps on acting as if it’s no big issue.

Soon, it will be opening night for Camille’s exhibit. She will be answering her mother’s concerns about Emily continuing her job at Gabriel’s Diner. After visiting the establishment, she was in awe to discover that her waitress was the same lady who had recently had a sexual encounter with her man.

Camille, however, maintains her composure and brushes off her mother’s remarks. She then goes to save Sofia, who is in captivity by an older man. Camille reveals that she made up a reason to get Sofia away from him. But Sofia thanks her and adds that the possessive art patron was simply not her type. She continues by telling Camille that she is drawn to posh French women.

Episode 4 of Emily in Paris Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix.