Emily in Paris — Season 3, Episode 5 Recap

In Episode 5 of Emily in Paris, Emily is back at work for Sylvie’s new firm.

Emily returns to work to find Sylvie, Julien, and Luc posing for a photograph without her. Sylvie discloses La Liste, a unique journalistic honor bestowed upon some of Paris’ most illustrious citizens. Emily is eager to win her approval and determined to do whatever it takes to get her company on the list.

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Emily, Alfie, and Mindy run into Nicolas outside a diner. Despite being in a different grade than her, Mindy remembers him from their time at boarding school in Switzerland. Nicolas claims Mindy was a drug dealer in college. Emily and Alfie plan a weekend party. Later, Emily invites Nicolas to come along.

Emily manages to set up a lunch date at Gabriel’s cafe with La Liste journalist Janine DuBois and Sylvie. As a result, Emily is taken aback when she learns that Janine is an Aussie. Sylvie is surprised and troubled by the realization that Janine is not French. Following that, we observe how Emily gets along with Janine.

Everyone, including Nicolas, heads to Alfie’s party after lunch. When Emily tries to strike up a professional conversation, the JVMA successor quickly shuts her down. The moment he sees Emily, he wants to run away. As luck would have it, Greek performer Sofia is there and inquires as to where Camille is.

In the meantime, Mindy and Nicolas are talking. She begins to complain to Nicolas about her subway performances, and he becomes more flirty as a result. When Mindy and Nicolas go in for an embrace, Benoit, who has been standing in the shadows, intervenes. Nicolas finally gets the hint and leaves. But, not before inviting the other two to an upcoming event at JVMA for a sunscreen promotion.

Camille, a latecomer to the party, joins Sofia on Alfie’s apartment roof to take in the cityscape of Paris. When Sofia makes a move for a kiss, Camille gives in so that the two can continue to enjoy the passionate show that has developed between them.

Emily and Alfie are making their way up the staircase as they want to go to the roof. As soon as she walks in, she shuts the door. While at the JVMA party the next day, she reminisces about the encounter and tells Mindy that Camille is having an affair, but Mindy tells her to stop meddling in other people’s business.

Emily takes Mindy’s phone and plays the song Benoit composed for her over the DJ’s speakers, convincing Nicolas to include the song as part of the Soleil De Paris promotion. Nicolas expresses his surprise as people at the party break out into dance.

Mindy can’t wait to tell Benoit about the opportunity to advance her boyfriend’s career over drinks that night. Unfortunately, he tells her that the song belongs to them and that he objects to its use in a corny sunscreen commercial.

Emily breaks the news to Nicolas that the track is off the table, but he seems unfazed and instead expresses interest in teaming up with her for the Soleil De Paris promotion if she makes it onto La Liste. The magazine with Emily on the cover is on the wanted list, and she is also featured inside.

Sylvie’s boyfriend Erik gives her the news in bed, and then she storms out and yells at her coworker Emily about something.

Emily in Paris is now available for streaming on Netflix.