Hulu Original, ‘Not Okay’ Movie Recap

Check out our review of the new Hulu original feature film, Not Okay, starting Zoey Deutch and Dylan O’Brien.

Not Okay

This Hulu original opens with protagonist Danni Sanders (Zoey Deutch), crying at her computer screen as she reads through articles and trolls on the internet attacking her. In this scene, we quickly find out that Danni lied about being present at a terrorist attack. 

Flashback to the start of this lie. Danni Sanders works for Depravity magazine. She is adequate at her job but seemingly unknown. 

No one knows her name. Specifically, Colin (Dylan O’Brien), whose attention she wants to catch. She does so by faking a trip to Paris on Instagram but when a terrorist attack hits Paris during her alleged vacation, this lie spirals out of control. 

She even attends a terrorist survivor support group where she takes note of what people are saying to gather quotes for her made-up experience. There, she pushes herself onto Rowan, a survivor of a school shooting who is now a famous activist against gun control. 

Danni latches onto Rowan (Mia Isaac) hoping to gain similar fame. As she begins to post her made-up story online and creates a trending hashtag #NotOkay, a mantra stolen from Rowan, she is able to get the fame and attention she desperately seeks for. 

She attends influencer events, gains millions of followers, and even gets celebrities to repost an article she wrote for Depravity on her experience. When questioned about the matter her reaction is emotionless and tone-deaf. And that is when one of her coworkers, Harper (Nadia Alexander) gets suspicious. 

Rowan and Danni grow close. Rowan begins to disclose intimate details about her life revealing that her sister died in the school shooting. She begins to see Danni as an older sister. Danni begins to feel guilt, but cannot admit to the lie. 

One day, Danni joins Rowan at a gun violence awareness rally. During her improvised speech, she tells the story of Rowan’s sister when suddenly firecrackers are thrown on the stage by gun supporters. The crowd clears, Rowan has a panic attack and Danni remains by her side through it all proving her loyalty. 

While at the rally, Harper gets a hold of Danni’s laptop. On it, she discovers that Danni lied about being present at the Paris attack. 

Harper goes to Danni’s house where she probes Danni, ultimately leading to a confession, which leaves Danni with three options: she can publicly admit that she lied, or Harper will write an article exposing her. 

Danni chooses the first option, which instantly causes backlash. She is fired from her job, Rowan immediately unfriends her, and she receives threats and hate on the internet. 

There is no coming back from this lie. And for the rest of the movie, Danni hides from society and even attends a support group for victims of online hate. 

This movie is a clear look at society and the role social media and influencer-culture plays in. So many influencers and social media users are desperately putting on a facade and twisting the truth for more fame. The PR stunts work and unfortunately, much of the public is deceived. 

Rating: 9/10