Stranger Things Season 4 Episode 2 Recap

We’re back with a recap of Stranger Things Season 4 Episode 2!


We’re back with our recap of Stranger Things Season 4 Episode 2!

First we get a flashback explaining Hopper’s fate at the end of Season 3. Instead of dying in the explosion, he is detained by Russian soldiers who also survived the burst. He is then taken to Russia, where he is tortured for information before being dropped in a Siberian prison. 

Meanwhile, back in the U.S.

Joyce and Murray call the number included in the note sent to her from Russia. They speak to Enzo, who tells them he will help Hopper escape prison, if they give him $40,000. They prepare to take the money to Alaska and meet with Enzo’s go-between. 

In CA, Mike has arrived for a vacation to visit El and Will. We learn that El has been less than honest with Mike about how things are going for her in CA, where she is constantly bullied in school. It comes to a head a the roller rink, when El is embarrassed in a scene reminiscent of Carrie, but without her powers, she resorts to hitting the lead mean-girl (Angela) in the face with a roller skate. It also shows a bit of the anger we saw in the younger Eleven, during the massacre at the research facility.

Max, Dustin, Robin, and Steve go in search of Eddie, trying to get a better understanding of what happened to Chrissy. When they track him down, they give him the lowdown on the Upside Down and how Chrissy was almost certainly killed by a creature from the other dimension. They name the killer Vecna, after a character in their D&D campaigns. 

At the same time, Nancy and her fellow student reporter Fred are also investigating Chrissy’s death. Eddie’s uncle reveals to Nancy that he thinks local boogeyman Victor Creel is behind Chrissy’s death. Creel is a Hawkins resident who has been in an asylum since allegedly murdering his entire family in the 1950s. As Nancy speaks with the uncle, Fred is lured into the woods by visions of a girl he accidentally killed, which turns out to be Vecna infecting his mind the same way he did with Chrissy. We then see Fred murdered in the same horrible was as Chrissy – floating into the air and being broken like a pretzel.

This season had definitely cranked up the horror level!

Watch Or Not

Stranger Things has upped the tension and suspense in its show with a captivating episode about a dark wizard that may not be calling Hawkins home.

Another blockbuster episode.

4 out of 5 stars.