The Best Animated Movies of all Time

We adore animated films because they, at their best, give infinite opportunities for storytelling. From the hand-drawn masterpieces of Walt Disney to the cutting-edge technological miracles of Pixar, Laika, and Illumination. In compiling this list, we considered each film’s overall quality, cultural effect, the extent to which it has aged well, and the frequency with which it has been rewatched. All the best-animated movies ever made are included here.

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Bambi (1942)

The animated classic about a white-tailed deer who grows to be the Great Prince of the Forest has not aged. Modern art’s top minds have cited Tyrus Wong’s iconic canvases as sources of motivation. Bambi’s dying sequence is one of the most well-known and unsettling in cinematic history. It makes the picture a “gateway horror” for younger viewers.

Finding Nemo (2003)

Pixar’s best films are all so astounding and subtlety groundbreaking that picking a favorite is an intimidating task. Finding Nemo is a masterpiece not only because of its breakthrough underwater imagery but also because of its script. The undersea experience is both hilarious and touching, focusing on the problems associated with helicopter parenting and the unavoidability of peril.

Shrek (2001)

Since the third and fourth Shrek films quickly descended into mediocrity, it might be easy to forget how exciting and original the franchise’s debut was. The film’s persistent irreverence was matched with a softness of heart in its story of an ogre (Mike Myers) who falls for a beautiful princess (Cameron Diaz). Love does not see color. There haven’t been many movies since City Lights that say that so plainly and earnestly.

The Little Mermaid (1989)

After Walt Disney’s untimely demise in December 1966, the studio struggled for the better part of two decades. There were a number of animated features released, although none of them were particularly noteworthy or financially successful. The Little Mermaid was a smashing triumph, revitalizing Disney Animation Studios and ushering in a decade of critical and commercial success for the studio that has come to be known as the Disney Renaissance. Alan Menken and Howard Ashman have created mesmerizing music with massive, unforgettable melodies and intricate, frequently humorous lyrics. As an adult, you can’t help but be touched by the narrative of a father and daughter trying to repair their deteriorating relationship. The ocean is very profound in its depths.

Up! (2009)

The second animated picture in history nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture after Beauty and the Beast, Up! is Pixar at the top of their talents, and their devotion to creating sophisticated cinematic events that appeal to audiences young and old. The first five minutes of Up! are a game-changer for children’s animated films. The script, which was nominated for an Oscar and written by Pete Docter, Bob Peterson, and Tom McCarthy (who won for writing Spotlight), is unflinching in its depiction of child mistreatment. In addition, there is a talking Golden Retriever and a house that floats in the air on balloons. Creative endeavors that are both risky and spectacular.