The Best HBOMax Original Movies of All Time

What are the best HBOMax original movies of all time? It’s hard to rank these because they are all great. Here are some of the best HBOMax Original Movies.

Locked Down

In the movie, Ejiofor and Hathaway play a couple who must quarantine themselves during the COVID-19 pandemic but find an occasion for reconciliation — when planning to commit a heist.

An American Pickle

The concept for An American Pickle, the first major film from HBO Max, is remarkably original. It’s the story of a Jewish immigrant who wakes up in a pickle barrel after being preserved for 100 years and finds himself in modern-day life. Despite its silly premise, the film received some positive reviews. Rogen and Snook’s performances were standouts; the off-beat setup was a refreshing change from other films in this genre.

Charm City Kings

Charm City Kings is about an underground dirt bike scene in Baltimore, where a teenager tries to join a notorious gang of dirt-bike racers. It is an adaptation of the 2013 documentary 12 O’Clock Boys. The film received strong reviews for its acting and direction.


The film is about an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) that chooses an unprepared woman to study to determine whether AI should preserve humanity.