The Imperfects S1 E5: ‘Zoe Must Be Destroyed’

At the start of episode 5 of The Imperfects, Juan confesses that he does not believe Owen went crazy. Tilda on the other hand, feels like Alex’s behavior was poor and eventually, they will discuss the incident.  

Although Alex does not seem like the person, Tilda questions if he shot Juan with the gun. However, nothing can be proven.

Due to the Ferry Schedule, Dr. Sarkov says that the meeting time is not feasible. The Ferry takes him to Island Shaw, in the San Juan Islands where he owns a home. 

The location is serene and discrete acting as the ideal location to create monsters. 

Abbi informs the group of a ferry ride scheduled to take them to the Island at 8 AM the next morning. Dr. Burke says it is a great idea and they should go. 

The purpose of this journey is to convince Alex to help them. The following day, they set out to Sarkov’s location to see if they can find Alex and convince him to join them.