The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

Looking for a good coming-of-age story, with a love triangle, and heartbreak? Look no further than The Summer I Turned Pretty.


Episode two starts with Belly running to the coast to join Cam on a boat whaling adventure. Once she arrives, she realizes that she is late and the boat has sailed off without her. She watches the ship sail away in despair. 

Back at the main house, Conrad is passed out on the couch suffering from a terrible hangover from the night before. The kids and adults make pestering comments from the living room however that is soon interrupted when Susannah, “Beck” walks in raving about the upcoming Debutante Ball. Now that Belly has agreed to partake, Susannah cannot wait to take her dress shopping. 

At the dress store, Belly goes through several dresses. While she is definitely out of her comfort zone, she eventually chooses a white dress that makes everyone’s jaws touch the floor when they see her in it. 

After dress shopping, Belly is dropped off at the country club for her first debutante class on social etiquette (boooring)! While in the car before her drop off, a worried Laurel tells her daughter to text her if she wants to leave. As she enters the club, Jeremiah is quickly swept off his feet by her beauty. He escorts her in, seats her next to a group of girls. She quickly recognizes one — Nicole, the girl Conrad was kissing the night before at the bonfire. Boy does she feel awkward! 

During class, Belly looks out into the hall and sees Cam walking by. She runs out to greet him and apologizes for missing out on boat whaling. They schedule a second date at a drive-in movie theater. They exchange numbers and Belly goes back into the debutante room with a shy smile on her face. 

The date is successful, and the pair locks hands while watching a movie. Meanwhile, the boys are at Laurel’s book signing where Conrad consumes copious amounts of alcohol. When offered a job by Cleveland Castillo, he rejects under the impression that it was a set up by his mother (it wasn’t). Instead he chooses to go with the boys to the drive-in theater and sneak up on Belly while she is on her date. 

As they pull up, they interrupt a moment of Cam and Belly getting ready to lock lips. A furious Belly goes out to scold the boys for ruining the moment. Conrad sits in the back with a jealous look on his face. But that doesn’t ruin the night for Cam and Belly. Cam takes Belly home after the movie, and they share a kiss in his car. 

Belly returns home and butts heads with Conrad. The pair bicker and exchange insults with Belly claiming Conrad knew what he was doing while ruining her night. Will the two make up?