The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

We’re back with a recap of season one, episode three of the Amazon Prime drama series, The Summer I Turned Pretty.


It’s Belly’s birthday, a day she celebrates every year in Cousins and has such fond memories of. It is also her favorite day because it’s the one day where the boys have to include her in everything they do. She wakes up to balloons, presents and her favorite, pancakes. She is elated but her mood takes a turn when Conrad shows a distinct lack of interest even claiming that he forgot to get her a present (not true).

In his pocket, he holds a necklace with an infinity sign on it, signifying a meaningful symbol between the two. He refrains from giving it to Belly. 

Belly’s disappointment catches Jeremiah’s attention so he decides to cheer her up by letting her drive to pick up her best friend from home, Taylor who will be joining the clan for birthday celebrations. 

When the group, including Taylor heads back to the house they change into bathing suits and take a dip into the pool. Meanwhile, Steven is worried about Shayla.  He’s feeling a little insecure because she’s chatting up the debutante ball and fashion with such enthusiasm

However, playing a game of chicken helps defuse the tension… Especially when Conrad arrives with Nicole in hand. Taylor throws the ball a little too hard during a game of volleyball and “accidentally” hits Nicole in the face. 

Conrad shows care to Nicole and takes her upstairs to his room but when she tries to kiss him, he pulls away. He soon rushes out of the room when he realizes he is late to meet Cleveland Castillo, something he agreed to at Laurel’s book signing.  

That evening the group comes together to celebrate Belly’s birthday. Cam joins the group and during dinner he plants a kiss on Belly’s cheek. A disgusted Steven makes a ruckus about it. 

After dinner, the group goes to Nicole’s party. All the debutante girls embrace Belly and shower her with gifts. Taylor shows a bit of jealousy which leads to taking Steven upstairs for a kissing session. 

Belly catches the two and an argument breaks out between the bestfriends. Belly leaves the party with Cam, who she has yet to ask to the deb ball. And just as she is going to, she spots Conrad through the window. Her emotions are split.

The next day, Belly goes into Conrad’s room and discovers the necklace meant for her. Her heart is hopeful. 

Taylor leaves that day and the best friends are still at odds. But Belly promises Steven not to tell anyone, especially Shayla.