The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

In episode 4 of The Summer I Turned Pretty on Amazon Prime, it’s the fourth of July and the family drama is ramping up.


It’s Fourth of July in Cousins, which is Susannah’s favorite holiday and previously a family affair. But this Summer is different. Belly’s parents are seperated and her father (John) has a new, very young, girlfriend (Victoria). As for Jeremiah and Conrad’s dad (Adam) — he is not expected to attend due to “work” affairs. 

Victoria and John arrive and the gang immediately notices her youth and beauty, which makes Laurel uncomfortable. But Victoria’s politeness makes her tolerable for the occasion. 

Shayla arrives and Laurel drowns her with questions as well as throws some shade about her feelings against the Debutante ball. Steven stops her but Belly overhears and becomes upset at her mom’s words. 

Belly heads inside to join Jeremiah where the two take notes on Victoria’s signature drink, a pomegranate margarita. The two kids take margaritas outside to the adults and keep one for themselves. 

Adam shows up and tension builds between a displeased Susannah. Turns out, Laurel texted Adam encouraging him to come not knowing of his infidelity to Susannah in years past. 

The kids journey to the beach with margaritas in hand to play drinking games (except for a sober Cam). As Belly drinks more margaritas, her focus is on Conrad. Cam notices. And after a bit too much, Belly accidentally tells Shayla about the kiss between Taylor and Steven. Everyone, including a frustrated Cam leaves. 

The tension between Adam and his family is obvious. Conrad and Adam butt heads. Adam comes off as a pushy father and nobody really talks to him — especially Susannah, for obvious reasons. 

Steven rushes to catch Shayla and eventually is able to earn her forgiveness. Belly stumbles around the backyard where she catches Conrad taking an outdoor shower. She pesters him with questions referring to the infinity necklace she discovered. Annoyed, he brushes her off. 

Belly heads back to the house and Susannah brings the cake out but right before anybody could eat it, Belly stumbles, accidentally knocking Susannah down and ruining the cake. Susannah is upset and goes to her room. 

Laurel comes up to console her when the two get in an argument over Susannah’s illness. That evening Laurel takes off and spends an evening with Cleveland Castillo. When she returns Belly seeks advice from her mother on her relationship with Cam where she doesn’t feel fireworks. 

That night, Belly heads down to the dock where Conrad is watching fireworks. The two share a moment and Conrad admits that the necklace was for her. The two are about to kiss when a jealous Jeremiah sets off fireworks to interrupt the two. 

Belly has three boys vying for her… What will she do? Who will she pick?