Best Coffee Roasters by State

What’s the best coffee in your home state? Find out here!

Coffee beans

Who doesn’t love a good cup of Joe in the morning?


Prevail Coffee Roasters

Located in Auburn, they bring community-minded values to their whole business operations. You can also buy their coffee for delivery across the US. Their coffee names are fun Southern-inspired brands like “Bootlegger” and “Farmer’s Daughter.”


Kaladi Brothers Coffee

Located in Anchorage, they repeatedly wins awards for some of the best craft roasted coffee in the country. They also run an elite barista academy that not only trains their own staff but does consulting for other coffee shops on the best practices of making a killer cup of coffee.


Cartel Coffee Lab

Starting off as a small street cart, they are now considered the gold standard for artisan coffee in the state. Their most popular roast is the Black Market Blend Forty Eight. This medium body blend is easy on the palate but will still satisfy dark roast lovers.


Onyx Coffee Lab

The company has extensive training, cupping, and a stunning design experience. They also virtual coffee classes on topics like espresso and milk drinks and latte art. One of their baristas has also won the barista of the year award 3 years running.


Four Barrel Coffee

Located in San Francisco, where coffee is just as important as the technology. You can also order their coffee online, where they have everything organized by flavor.


Boxcar Coffee Roasters

Located in Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, the company has grown to include a roastery, a bakery, a coffee shop, and a training lab. And despite the higher altitude which affects the chemistry, they’ve perfect their roasting.


J. Rene

Located in West Hartford, this coffee shop pays extreme attention to detail and elegance. It’s also received numerous awards since it opened in 2012.


Little Goat Coffee Roasting Co

Located in Newark, they started with a mission to bring organic, fair trade coffee to this small but mighty state. Online, you can buy 9 single origin coffee blends, and 3 sample boxes.

District of Columbia

Grace Street Coffee

Located in the historic Georgetown neighborhood, you can order your whole beans, hot coffee, or prepackaged cold brew ahead of time for pick up. Despite the hustle and bustle outside, this cafe is calm and relaxing.


Panther Coffee

Panther coffee has won multiple industry awards for its coffee and prides itself on its coffee being a beneficial transaction for all. This includes the farmers, the staff, and customers.


East Pole Coffee

Located in Atlanta, they’ve been named best roaster in the state by many publications. The company also roasts its beans as well as has a retail location, online sales, and even a coffee subscription club.


Big Island Coffee Roasters

Hawaii is the only state that can actually grow its own coffee, with Kona being the most widely known blend. This is probably the only store on the list that doesn’t have their own storefront, but you can purchase their coffee online.


DOMA Coffee Roasting Company

The head roaster has a degree in chemistry so you can only imagine the roasting is pretty darn good. They also specialize in sustainability, with their coffee bags being compostable.



Located in Chicago, the simple need for excellent coffee has blossomed into 15 locations with 2 roasteries and 2 training labs.


Bee Coffee Roasters

The Hive is their original location, and The Swarm is yet another. You can find some honey-sweetened blends from them.


Sidecar Coffee Roasters

Located in Cedar Falls, they started as a hobby and expanded into 2 locations. They also value small-batch hand-crafted coffee.


PT’s Coffee Roasting Company

One of the founders is one of the United States Barista Competition founders and is a judge worldwide for other barista competitions. This expertise has garnered some of their staff wins in barista competitions.


Sunergos Coffee

Sunergos is Greek for “working together”. Fittingly, the company was founded by 2 friends. They on the prestigious “Best Espresso” award at Coffee Fest in 2014. At their main location, you can sit and enjoy a cup of brew while watching the staff members roast.


Reve Coffee Roasters

With 5 locations, they make your coffee dreams come true (‘reve’ means dream in French). They roast single-origin and original in house blends that have a Louisiana flair to the names.


Tandem Coffee Roasters

Located in Portland, which is the on the Southern coast of Maine. This coffee shop is owned by a husband and wife team that share a love of single-origin coffee, as well as bakery treats. They opened in 2012 after restoring a vintage gas station. Known for offering seasonal blends, as well as coffee tastings!


Ceremony Coffee Roasters

Ceremony offers wholesale, in-person, and subscription services. They also offer a build-your-own box coffee subscription. They also offer 8 different grind settings for your beans. 


Barismo Coffee Roasters

This shop came about thanks to a few experienced baristas pooling their heads together. They opened their first location in 2008 in Arlington. As you would expect with baristas, they are all about the true coffee experience. You can find helpful brewing guides on their website as well as clear buying practices.


Madcap Coffee Roasters

Their passion for coffee is evident, and they have 3 store fronts in Grand Rapids.


Wesley Andrews Coffee Company

They have a unique selection of blends, such as their rosemary fennel. They also purchase their beans from a small farm in Columbia.



The owner here was roasting coffee in his home before perfecting the science and opening his business. Beanfruit’s name is a tribute to the most basic part of coffee, the bean.


Oddly Correct

This place is all about hard-core coffee. You won’t find syrups, lattes, or other fancy coffee-like beverages here.


Black Coffee Roasting Company

The liberal, outdoorsy town of Missoula didn’t have a coffee shop yet, so two friends decided to open one. They focus on organic coffee as their bean source, and can also order those award-winning beans online.


Archetype coffee

The founder of this shop wanted to take the pretentiousness out of coffee and make it fun again. You can visit two of their locations, with award-winning baristas, or order online.


Hub Coffee Roasters

They were actually the first non-chain coffee store in the Reno area and have since built a strong customer following. They also source all their beans from South America.

New Hampshire

Flight Coffee Co.

Founder Claudia Barret has a passion for helping out her community. She spends many resources ensuring her fair-trade coffee from local farmers are paid for well and good. You can also purchase their coffee via monthly membership and have it delivered to your door.

New Jersey


Founded in 2013 by two friends named Travis and Mike, they worked their way up from modest beginnings in Hoboken. They now have a 2,000 square foot roasting facility in addition to three locations and one food truck. Like most companies in this list, they are avid about their coffee-brewing process and refuse to sell coffee that is still there 18 days after its roast date.

New Mexico

Cutbow Coffee

Located in Alberquerque, the founder spent nearly 25 years trying to perfect the art of the roast. The name comes from the local hybrid trout that is found in New Mexico’s rivers. The fly fishing theme found in the Cutbow brand and coffee shop is a tribute to Paul’s late father that loved fishing.

New York

Gimme Coffee!

This shop first opened a tiny space in Ithaca in 2000. Since then, it has grown to many more locations including its main roasting facility. They also have a small location at Cornell University to top up all those tired students.

North Carolina

Counter Culture

This one of the biggest and oldest roasters on the list, having started in 1995. They are an industry leader in sustainable and fair trade practices.

North Dakota

Twenty Below coffee

Primarily a roasting company without a storefront, they are located in Fargo and ship their coffee throughout the US.


Crimson Cup Coffee Roasters

Even though he graduated from Harvard, founder Greg Ubert wasn’t happy. Located in Columbus, they stay close to the Ohio roots and help other coffee companies with best roasting techniques.


Elemental Coffee

Their name matches their mission — to keep the coffee as simple and elemental as possible. They focus on emphasizing the base flavors without tweaking the taste with added flavors or processing.


Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Oregon is getting close to the hotspot of coffee. They won roaster of the year in 2006 and might be considered the grandfather of American cold brew coffee. Although they started small, they’ve expanded to multiple international locations.


Square One Coffee Roasters

Located in Lancaster, this is a family-owned coffee shop. They have won multiple awards, including the esteemed Good Foods Awards for 5 years. Their cold brew is well known and has a cult following.

Rhode Island

New Harvest Coffee Roasters

Located in Pawtucket, they are also all about serving locally sourced coffee from farmers with a fair trade policy. They do all their own roasting and brewing, and offer helpful tips and expertise on their website.

South Carolina

Coastal Coffee Roasters

Located in Summerville, they bring craft roasted coffee to the low country. You can buy their bagged coffee online. But each bag is only produced when ordered, to ensure optimum freshness.

South Dakota

Pure Bean Roasters

Only 1% of coffee beans are air roasted, and these guys are doing it. Air roasting helps take the acidity out of the beans. 10% of their proceeds also go towards orphaned children around the world.


Vienna Coffee Company

Located in Maryville, at the base of the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. Very idyllic. They have 52 blends available for sale and a staff member that is a cold brew specialist, and only works on cold brews.


Merit Coffee Co.

This company started on the south side of San Antonio a while ago, and are continually obsessed with the science behind a good cup of coffee. They actually travel to South America to source their coffee beans directly from the best coffee plantations in the world.


Millcreek Coffee Roasters

Millcreek has been selling coffee since 1992. They take care in the freshness of their beans, posting roasting dates on all their bags. You can find a cup at their location in Salt Lake City.


Vermont Coffee Company

Located in Middlebury, this is actually one of the largest coffee companies on the east coast. They roast organic, fair trade coffee beans with 100% renewable energy sources. For a large chain, they are very local-friendly. They are heavily involved with local charities, and all staff members wear a shirt that says “Friend”.


Cervantes Coffee Roasters

This one is founded by a native Bolivian named Marialy Justiniano. Who would know coffee better? She grew up around the coffee industry in her native country. Her and her staff take pride in farmer relations. They have a cold brew specific blend you can have shipped to your house.


Dillanos Coffee Roasters

Started all the way back in 1992, they specialize in unique roasts with single origins, and 49 total blends. Dillanos also makes sure to practice the best fair trade possible, ensuring farmers make the most from their coffee.

West Virginia

Black Dog Coffee Company

The name of the brand comes from Brian’s beloved black lab, Bear. Bear has passed, but his name legacy is carried on through the coffee and his predecessor, Java, another black lab. Pretty cute, right? They roast their coffee in an antique roaster from 1931, one of the oldest in the country.


Ruby Coffee Roasters

Brightly colored coffees is the theme at this location. They have partnered with Swift Cup to offer their fans a true instant cup of coffee called Instant Creamery. It’s a freeze-dried process that promises to preserve the rich true flavor of their popular Creamery blend. 


JH Roasters

Located in the lovely Jackson Hole, this store was founded by two friends who actually specialize in European coffee.