Daisy Jones & The Six — S1, Episode 1 Recap

In their most recent book-to-screen endeavor, Daisy Jones and The Six, Reese Witherspoon’s production company, Hello Sunshine, is venturing into rock’n’roll territory. The series, based on Taylor Jenkins Reid’s best-selling book, recounts the ascent and decline of a 1970s band. The former band members appear in front of the camera in Episode 1, “Come and Get It.” It is 20 years after they disbanded. Most of them have not stayed in touch after then and have kept their breakup secrets from the public. Before now!

Daisy Jones and The Six playing in stadiums during their heyday with glitzy flair clothes and makeup opens the show. When the footage finishes playing, viewers are learn that the band’s final performance was on October 4, 1977, in Chicago as part of the Aurora tour. Billy Dunne, the band’s lead singer and guitarist (Sam Claflin), Daisy Jones, the band’s lead singer (Riley Keough), guitarist Graham Dunne, Billy’s younger brother (Will Harrison), Eddie Roundtree, the bass player (Josh Whitehouse), Karen Sirko, the keyboardist (Suki Waterhouse), and drummer Warren Rojas form the rock group (Sebastian Chacon).

Daisy briefly describes her lonesome upbringing. During which music was her sole source of comfort, as they start to tell their narrative. She says her real name is Margaret, and despite coming from a wealthy household, her parents never showed her affection. By age 15, Margaret frequently attended nighttime concerts in Los Angeles. She went to support bands like Led Zeppelin, Cream, and The Who. The lead singer of a band took her to a hotel room after seeing them perform. What transpired next is precisely what you would expect. Her desire to stop being naive or shy and become the outspoken and uncompromising lady she wanted to be was spurred by having to go to bed with a musician, which wasn’t in the cards for her. Margaret decided to become Daisy Jones and focus on songwriting and drug use.

Billy was in his teens when he realized there were only two possibilities for boys in his community: joining the military or working in a mill. Billy chooses to assist Graham and his three high school buddies (Warren, Eddie, and Chuck) by observing and offering advice when Graham intends to use his guitar skills to establish a band. Eddie’s current account claims that he was essentially in the band after the second practice. By the third practice, it was his.

Dunne Brothers were the name of their old band, which served just as a diversion. Local events like weddings and celebrations served as their venues. At one of their concerts, Billy and Graham notice their long-lost father in the audience. He is drunk and making out with a young woman. Billy approaches him and rips apart the guitar he was playing since it belonged to his father. He was upset with his actions and the fact that he had abandoned them when they were little. At that point, he understands that being in a band is much more than just a pastime. His comrades are essentially family. One day, we will be the biggest fucking band on the planet. They had yet to learn that the journey ahead would be chaotic.

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