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3 Ways to Become a Morning Person

The Cheapest Dates and Times to Buy Plane Tickets

Shop on Tuesday Because so many airline companies release their weekly sales early Tuesday, forcing rival airlines to match prices, Tuesday is a great day to find many deals. The best time to book an American flight is around 3 p.m. Eastern Time. There are deals to be found on other days, so don’t worry. […]

By Darren Weber

How to Build a Compost Bin in Your Backyard

You will require: Rake or spade Strong wire Strong wooden pallets (4) Sledgehammer Sturdy wooden Bow saw Stakes (6) Step1 The compost bin must be set up on the bare ground, not paved. Clear the location where the bin will go, and if necessary, use a spade or rake to level the ground. If you […]

By Emily Torp

The Best Devices to help track your Fitness Goals

A fitness tracker can be a terrific investment, whether you’re a devoted exerciser, a goal-setter who likes to compete, or just someone who cares about their health. Setting goals and tracking your progress toward them can be enjoyable with the help of fitness monitors. They can assist you in monitoring both your activities inside and […]

By Claud Boyer

Best Daily Supplements to Boost Energy in 2022

Even after getting a good night’s rest, smashing an energizing workout, or eating energy-boosting foods for breakfast and lunch, you may find yourself needing a nap in the middle of the day. If you’re sick of feeling weary, more caffeine or an energy drink won’t help. Just so we’re clear: drinking coffee to get a […]

By Emily Torp

The Best Multivitamins for Women in 2022

If you are a woman who is interested in an additional nutritional boost, you might find taking a multivitamin to be beneficial. Here is a list of a variety of multivitamins fit for specific needs. Ritual Essential for Women This multivitamin is available through a subscription service. It contains nutrients such as vitamin D, folate, […]

By Darren Weber

Best Songs to add to your Workout Playlist

Finding the drive to get up and exercise may be a never-ending battle, even for the most committed athletes and fitness aficionados. You may need to summon all your inner strength to finally begin that yoga practice or fitness regimen. But, finding the ideal music to work out with can be a great first step. […]

By Tony Rosenbaum

Prevent your Eyes from too much Blue Light Exposure

Exposure to blue light emitted by devices such as smartphones, tablets, TVs and even energy-efficient light bulbs has been linked to eye strain and other health issues. Cataracts, AMD and mental health are among these. Since giving up digital devices entirely is impractical these days, here are several ways to protect yourself against blue light. […]

By Tony Rosenbaum

The Best Houseplants to have in your Home

Indoor plants can improve your health, boost productivity and immune system, and even improve relationships. But what plants should you have in your home to experience the most benefits? Here are some of the best houseplants to have. Spider Plant This one is a low-maintenance, charming plant adaptable to underwatering or overwatering. It can grow […]

By Claud Boyer

Best Celebrity Memoirs that are Worth the Read

It seem like every famous person has a memoir these days and while most of them are worth the read, the best are those that can simultaneously captivate, move and leave readers with new perspectives. There are many moving and honest autobiographies, and this list names a few of the best. Becoming by Michelle Obama […]

By Richard Christiansen