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Switch it Up and Achieve Your Fitness Goals

The Best Devices to help track your Fitness Goals

A fitness tracker can be a terrific investment, whether you’re a devoted exerciser, a goal-setter who likes to compete, or just someone who cares about their health. Setting goals and tracking your progress toward them can be enjoyable with the help of fitness monitors. They can assist you in monitoring both your activities inside and […]

By Marc Gibson

Best Daily Supplements to Boost Energy in 2022

Even after getting a good night’s rest, smashing an energizing workout, or eating energy-boosting foods for breakfast and lunch, you may find yourself needing a nap in the middle of the day. If you’re sick of feeling weary, more caffeine or an energy drink won’t help. Just so we’re clear: drinking coffee to get a […]

By Aiden O'Hara

The Best Multivitamins for Women in 2022

If you are a woman who is interested in an additional nutritional boost, you might find taking a multivitamin to be beneficial. Here is a list of a variety of multivitamins fit for specific needs. Ritual Essential for Women This multivitamin is available through a subscription service. It contains nutrients such as vitamin D, folate, […]

By Rudy Kunde

Prevent your Eyes from too much Blue Light Exposure

Exposure to blue light emitted by devices such as smartphones, tablets, TVs and even energy-efficient light bulbs has been linked to eye strain and other health issues. Cataracts, AMD and mental health are among these. Since giving up digital devices entirely is impractical these days, here are several ways to protect yourself against blue light. […]

By Marc Gibson

Best Celebrity Memoirs that are Worth the Read

It seem like every famous person has a memoir these days and while most of them are worth the read, the best are those that can simultaneously captivate, move and leave readers with new perspectives. There are many moving and honest autobiographies, and this list names a few of the best. Becoming by Michelle Obama […]

By Claud Boyer

Old-Time Medical Remedies that Actually Work

Modern medicine is fantastic, but it’s all too easy to forget the old remedies. While some of them did nothing, others did actually work as they were supposed to. Willow Bark The willow tree was traditionally used as a painkiller by chewing on a piece of bark. Nowadays that bitter taste is more conveniently packaged […]

By Tianna West

How to Prevent Food Waste

Food waste is food that is not eaten and just ends up being thrown away. This can happen at any point in the food supply chain; for example: production, processing, transport, retailing, storage and consumption. It is a waste of resources and damages the environment. Here are some ways you can prevent food waste. Avoid […]

By Lindsey Mills

How to Start a Food Garden in your Backyard

A food garden, or vegetable garden, is an area devoted solely to growing food. This could be a patch of land or pots in a yard if space is more limited. You can grow a wide variety of things in a food garden, from tomatoes to potatoes and beans to cucumbers. Clear the Land If […]

By Emily Torp

5 Self-improvement Books to Spur Your Personal Growth

Life is a constant learning curve. Self-improvement books are an excellent avenue to broaden your knowledge base. Here are five self-improvement books to spur your personal growth. “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie This book’s inspiration came from Carnegie’s desire to teach how to maintain good business and personal relationships. How […]

By Darren Weber