Daisy Jones & The Six — S1, Episode 2 Recap

Teddy Price, the music producer, claims in the opening of Daisy Jones & The Six episode two, “Track 2: I’ll Take You There,” that he unintentionally took on the role of a parent to his artists. The scene then shifts to the Dunne Brothers visiting Rod in Los Angeles, who appears shocked to see them. He claims he can’t help but commit to securing them a gig at a bar.

He gives Graham Karen’s number as he chases the band away. The call is lost due to Graham’s nervousness. Billy asks Camilla to be candid about her opinion of the band. He then assumes control and invites Karen to join their band, to which she agrees. Karen says that starting at age 15, she joined bands and moved about until she found one that showed promise. She joined the Dunne Brothers because she thought The Winters had little promise.

Simone arrives home to her surprise sees Daisy preparing dinner. If Simone lets her be her roommate, she agrees to cook daily and pay half the rent. They also discovered a cheap, dilapidated house in Laurel Canyon, but Camilla reveals it was their first residence. As Karen arrives, she realizes it is a disorder with the boys acting like pirates. Graham feels embarrassed since he is still in his pants, and she is laughing.

Although she doesn’t think much of Camilla’s greeting to her, she goes along with it as they establish themselves as regulars at Rod’s suggested pub, the Filthy’s. They argue when Daisy leaves her position as a waitress and passes by their table. Simone welcomes her as she makes her way to the Troubador. Teddy visits while Daisy is on stage and is impressed. Following the performance, he gives her his card and encourages her to pursue her dreams with his support. She is anything but modest as she walks away after saying she doesn’t need his input to create her music. In a later interview from the 1980s, the host learns that Daisy first turns down Teddy.

Teddy enters the convenience shop one night as Graham waits for Billy outside in his car. Teddy is approached by Billy, who initially doesn’t seem to have much of an impact, but Teddy eventually changes his mind and allows Billy to play for him. Yet that evening, Billy’s excitement wanes as he struggles to choose a song to play for Teddy. Eddie questions him, but they continue when Camilla urges him to perform a new song he’s been working on.

They play it in the studio after introducing themselves as The Six. Teddy admits throughout the conversation that he likes it. Billy reveals that it could have been more straightforward because Teddy kept pushing them hard for several months, and they didn’t obtain the agreement immediately. Teddy is certain they are ready to record an album, and Billy can grasp why by accurately pointing out their weaknesses. Billy says that although few people saw them, they spent 8 or 9 months there and grew closer as a band. Camilla spends her days capturing them on camera, submitting images to publications, and attempting to make contact with record labels. Teddy, meanwhile, is in a gherkin as his management advises him to take a sabbatical after his last six albums fail.

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