Outer Banks — Season 3, Episode 7 Recap

Episode 7 of Outer Banks Season 3 starts with Sarah reflecting on her time with Topper. With John B off on his own adventure, she and Topper go for breakfast, but Kie is there and spots them eating. She turns her nose up in disgust and acts frosty to both Sarah and Topper.

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Kie sits with Sarah afterward, with the latter admitting everything that’s happening and how she feels. Kie doesn’t hate her and covers for Sarah, shrugging and claiming that everyone is not okay right now. Wheezie suddenly leaves a message for Sarah though, claiming that she’s in the OBX and has run away. She wants to meet.

Meanwhile, John B and JJ head back to the professor’s house. They are intent on figuring out exactly where Singh and the others are going and hoping for some sort of clue. The dead professor is gone. He has seemingly been cleaned up by Singh’s men. John B leaves his fingerprints all over the place, checking everywhere.

Fortunately, he discovers the sketch the professor left behind on the ground. He also finds a newspaper item on an expedition to South America. Before he passed away, Tommy made reference to a “Neville Persaud”. This just so happens to be one of the persons in this news article. But more importantly, he was a member of the South American expedition. He’s still around and might be the key to locating the treasure location.

When Ward gets home, Rafe is confronted about the cross and (somehow) avoids raising suspicion in the community. But he has already melted it down, and he has the plan to expand the empire. Rafe tells his father to go home after admitting that he is no longer necessary.

Rafe, who is near the docks and encounters Sarah alone, turns out to be the person who sent him the earlier message from Wheezie. He acknowledges that he is to blame for everything and is trying to change his way of life. In addition to leaving a key and some cash at the property, Ward also apologizes and says he knows she won’t forgive him.

Neville is staying on a houseboat up on Doe Creek when JJ and John B arrive to visit him. As he finds out about Tommy, he understands he is the lone survivor. John B responds to that by displaying the Solana map and how he has the Gnomon. John B begs him for assistance, but Neville declines. Regrettably, the children direct Singh’s thugs directly to where they are.

As Pope enrolls in Saturday lessons, Mr. Sunn provides him with some sound advice at school about his family history and Denmark Tanny, urging him to visit the archives. Neville gives in and agrees to assist John B and JJ while he is off doing what he probably should have done last season. He creates a map that shows Tres Rocas as well as other places. Neville tells them to look for Jose, a guide and points out the Orinoco River next to it. He will lead them up to El Tesoro, where they may locate the relevant location.

Season 3 of Outer Banks is now streaming on Netflix.