Ozark Season 4 Episode 14 Recap

Here’s a recap of the series finale of Ozark!

The concluding episode opens with Ruth closing the graved away for the dead gang member, Nelson, at the construction site, whom Rachel had killed before the last episode.

Marty looks on with unease at the start of the episode, an agent of what would eventually transpire, but Marty waits to see what effect this will have on Marty’s character.

Marty arrives at the construction project and demands Ruth’s help to get his children back from Camila, or he will kill her by telling her he killed Javi. An ironic threat by Marty.

Ozark Season 4 Episode 14 Recap

And then Camila meets Marty; he shows her the financial accounts that she can gain access to. Marty also confirms FedEx’s decision to hand over Omar to Camila.

He informs her that Omar will not survive when transferring him, and this means that Omar will be killed to give her complete control of the syndicate. Camila would like to meet the FBI before the book transfer is rolled out.

The finale concludes the party, as Wendy and Marty absorb the loudest cheers from the crowd after they take the stage to give speeches. They have created a better home for their youngsters, a safe one, but at what expense?

Ruth lies there in cold blood. She trusted this grouping way many times. The cost of this family living amid the Ozarks is a mountain full of deaths and melancholy.

And while Marty and Wendy tell us each other their professed love, they comprehend how a large number of individuals they took down here.

Ozark Season 4 Episode 14 Review: Watch or Pass

The season finale is the culmination of an extensive and worthwhile show for the Byrde family as their last bid for their liberty.

4 out of 5.