Romance Books that are Trending 2022

Ready to add a little romance to your beach reading to wrap up the summer? Check out these trending romance books.


Nothing compares to a great romance book. Whether you’re on team lovers-to-enemies or lovers-to-friends, or you’re just seeking for something sappy and enjoyable to read, romance novels are always available to take you on the most intense emotional rollercoaster.

Here are some of the trending romance books for 2022, which are already shaping up to be a huge year for love stories:

Twisted Hate by Ana Huang

Josh Chen and Jules Ambrose have never been able to stand one another, but she is somehow still able to remain in Josh’s head. And now, they will have to coexist in the same clinic for the foreseeable future. The ensuing series of nights spent together only serves to fuel a mutual hatred and romantic tension. The novel is steamy and it is one of an entire series. 

Hook, Line, and Sinker by Tessa Bailey

Fox Thornton has a reputation as a flirtatious player around town. Then, he meets Hannah Bellinger, who is able to resist his charm and instead focus on his personality, which she enjoys but only from a friendship standpoint. Hannah moves into his spare bedroom while the movie she’s working on decides to film in the town. Will sharing a home allow them to finally acknowledge their affections for one another? Or will it drive them apart from one another?

Funny You Should Ask by Elissa Sussman

Ten years after their first interview, journalist Chani Horowitz reconnects with her Hollywood crush Gabe Parker. All Chani wants is a good story. But one story turns into paparazzi buzz and pictures of the two are spotted spending time together. The buzz brings them closer together until the story is done and they split ways. But They keep coming back to each other even 10 years after the incident.  Will things become even hotter when the sparks fly exactly as brilliantly as they did the previous time?

All Downhill With You by Julie Olivia

Lorelai is the ideal candidate to lead Honeywood’s marketing division, especially given her enthusiasm for roller coasters. She must deal with the engineer Emory, who constructed the park’s largest coaster, who doesn’t appear too pleased to be involved in this predicament in the first place, when it breaks down while she is on it. The incident results in a lawsuit and the two spend time together dealing with the consequences. A firm handshake turns into more and Lorelei realizes there is more to Emory than a stern engineer frustrated with the incident.