XO, Kitty — Episode 1 Recap

XO, Kitty is a drama and romance series that is available on Netflix. The series was created by Jenny Han. It is the product of a trilogy of books and a movie series called “To All the Boys I’ve loved before”. This show, tells the story of a teenage girl (Kitty) who leaves the country in order to be with her long-distance boyfriend. Kitty discovers that love and a relationship are much more complex than she thinks.

First Filming and Production

In March 2021 it was publicly announced that a series related to the movie was being developed. This series is developed as an exclusive series by Netflix, Awesomeness, and ACE Entertainment. Netflix ordered the filming of the first 10 episodes.

Chapter 1 – “XO” Recap

Chapter number one of this series is called “XO”. It starts with Katherine Song Covey (Kitty) trying to enjoy a wonderful vacation with her boyfriend. Kitty’s boyfriend is called Dae-han (Dae) and he lives in South Korea.

The first problems start to appear when Kitty misses the special connection she had with her boyfriend Dae. However, the distance is causing little symptoms in Kitty. But, by surprise, she receives a call from the Korean Independent School in Seoul. Kitty had sent a request to move to that school to be close to her boyfriend.

Kitty is excited and very charismatic when she is surprised to hear that she has been accepted to the school. But her father Dr. Covey didn’t know about it. Just when Kitty tells her father, he gets upset, but he ends up accepting.

Then, Kitty manages to get to South Korea. As soon as she arrives, Kitty sends a text message to her sisters and tells them she plans to surprise Dae at a welcome party scheduled for that night.

But, Dae had some financial problems with the school. The administrator warns Dae that he will have to leave the school if he cannot pay for the next year. Kitty calls her father to tell him that she is safe at Dae’s school.

At the party, Dae and Kitty look at each other for the first time in four years. Kitty runs to Dae and they both hug, but then something strange happens. Yuri comes up to where Dae and Kitty are and tells Kitty that Dae is her boyfriend now. Kitty runs away.

Episode Review

The first episode is intense, especially because Kitty is left with a big doubt about Yuri and Dae’s relationship. Importantly, this series has a lot of popular K-pop songs, which make the drama and storyline much more dramatic and exciting.

There is a big chance that a new love will resurface for Kitty. But, we have to remember that Dae has problems with his tuition and maybe he is doing all this because of that.

Anyway, the first chapter sounds and looks very interesting, teen drama, it’s a totally exciting story and is available on Netflix.