Elon Musk To Charge for Twitter Subscriptions

Charging to use Twitter? Here’s what Elon Musk might be planning.

Elon Musk Twitter

Elon Musk, the maverick he is and the richest man on the planet, expects that he can make Twitter earn $10 Billion in revenue in just six years.

How does he plan on doing this?

Through subscriptions.

Elon believes he will be able to drive Twitter Blue Subscribers up to 69 million in just three years. By 2028, the platform should have around 159 million with its plan.

What is Twitter Blue?

Twitter blue is an unofficial name for a color scheme that Twitter uses on its website and mobile applications. The color scheme consists of light blue and dark blue shades. The light blue shade is used for the main content area, while the dark blue shade is used for the header and footer areas.

Twitter’s blue subscription plan is a way for businesses to get more out of their Twitter account. Businesses receive enhanced analytics for $99/month, including detailed insights on tweets, followers, and mentions.

They also receive customized support from Twitter experts, who can help create or improve campaigns and optimize Twitter profiles. In addition, businesses on the blue plan have access to exclusive tools like scheduling tweets and using multiple accounts.

How does Musk Plans To Use This?

It is unclear what his plan is, but it is known that he will be hiring a heck of a lot more people to Twitter.

With Paypal being such a success, Tesla being a success, SpaceX, The Boring program, and Nueralink all being successful, it will be exciting to see what he will do with Tesla.