Futuristic Products from CES 2021

Check out these futuristic products unveiled at CES 2021

Samsung Bot Handy

CES (The Consumer Electronics Show) is always a great look at new products that are likely to hit the market by the end of the year, but it is also a place where many companies unveil concepts that may be years away from actual existence. These futuristic concepts can range from utterly fanciful to practical, but a stretch based on current technology. 

Check out these futuristic products unveiled at CES 2021.

Cadillac eVTOL Air Taxi

You may not have known, but the air-taxi or personal aircraft industry has been innovating and creating product concepts for multiple years. I remember seeing a prototype for a personal air-taxi on display at CES around 2015. At CES 2021, General Motors dipped its toe into the market with its own eVTOL vehicle, which was introduced through product renderings and animations. Don’t take out your checkbook just yet, as GM hasn’t even announced a timeline for the product. 

Custom Lipstick

Would you think a cosmetics product would show up at CES? Well, Yves Saint Laurent says yes. Check out the Rouge Sur Mesure, which allows consumers to create a custom lipstick color on the fly. It mixes three liquid lipstick color cartridges in whatever custom ratios you select, providing a huge range of color options. This one isn’t that far off either, as it is scheduled to hit the market this spring with a price point at $299. 

Ultimate Spa Bathtub

Stillness Tub

Kohler’s Stillness Bathtub is set to bring the ultimate spa experience to your master bath. For a meer $16,000 you can have a tub that fills from the bottom, overflows onto a specially designed wood moat, creating a cascading water sound, includes aromatherapy features, provides full-featured lighting options, and just to complete the experience, it creates its own fog.  

Smart Doggy Door

Many of us have dog doors in our homes, to make it easier for our four-legged friends to come in and out at their leisure. Nothing new here, but what about bringing smart technology to the old-school doggy door? CES 2021 has you covered with the MyQ Pet Portal. The door includes live video streaming, so you can see if your pup is bringing friends over while you’re out, and two-way audio, so you can talk to your pet. It can also be synced up with a special collar system to trigger the door to open when your dog approaches. All this smart tech does come at a high cost, with a $3,000 price tag.

Robot Butler and Nurse

No list of futuristic products would be complete without some robots. Samsung came with two futuristic robots to help you out around the house and keep you healthy. The Bot Handy is like having your own robot butler who can fill the dishwasher, put dirty clothes in the hamper, or even pour you a glass of wine. The Bot Care is focused on monitoring your health, using AI to recognize and respond to your behavior. It is designed to function as both a robot assistant and companion.