Will Trent — Season 1, Episode 2 Recap

Those of you who watched the pilot episode of Will Trent on ABC will recall that things were looking quite bleak.

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Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s character, Paul Campano, showed up at Will Trent’s house after he and Angie Polaski had a late-night hookup. He was wearing a bloodied shirt. To protect his daughter, he allegedly shot the thief. The second episode of Season 1 of Will Trent continued directly from where the pilot left off.

Season 1 Episode 2 of Will Trent begins at 3:17 a.m. The English teacher of Paul and Emma’s daughter, Evan Bernard, is shot and dies in a freak accident. He tells Angie and Will that he assumes something transpired between Evan and Emma because she was eager to drop his class after spending so much time in his office. Paul claims that following this occurrence, Emma’s conduct altered dramatically.

Will and Angie take Paul into custody and rush to where Evan is lying in his driveway, bleeding to death. Will examines the property before the ambulance comes. He determines that Evan got up to lock the front door after being shot and then went to his original position on the driveway.

At the station, Paul puts up his statement. Angie learns that Evan unlocked the door for Paul while on a burner phone. And she finds out that everyone knows she’s got a thing going on with Will. Angie tells Franklin, her previous partner, and sponsor, that Will is like an “arm” to her. Franklin says they’re too dependent on each other, but she says they never have meaningful conversations about anything.

Angie also admits to using a fentanyl patch while posing as someone else. In any case, she shrugs it off and assures Franklin that she will show up at a meeting sooner rather than later.

While they “scurry around in the shadows and wallow in shame,” Will eventually asks Angie out to supper. When he locates Emma, she gives her consent to go out.

Episode 2 of Will Trent’s first season finds Will seeing Evan at the hospital. Even though Evan insists he had nothing to do with Emma’s first kidnapper Warren, Will finds out this information during a conversation with him. Moreover, Will claims that Evan made a sexual advance toward Emma, which Evan strongly denies.

Jennifer Morrison’s character, Abigail Campano, gets a ransom call demanding $3 million in Will Trent Season 1 Episode 2. Emma watches a video sent by her captor, begging her mother to send the ransom. Though the GBI cautions against it. After waiting for six hours, Abigail pays Will’s ransom.

Evan’s disposable phone is at the hospital and given to Will and Faith. The group then visits Emma’s school, where they find out that Kayla and Evan were having an intimate relationship. Even though the test results hadn’t come in, Will told Evan in his office that they had matched his DNA to the semen recovered on Kayla. However, Evan freely acknowledges that he had a sexual encounter with Kayla.

Will and Faith have taken Evan into custody and obtained a search warrant for his home. They enter and immediately notice the overpowering scent of bleach in the girl’s room. Will instructs Amanda Wagner to inform Abigail that she can proceed with paying the ransom while he is at the police station.

As for the rest of Will Trent Episode 2 from Season 1, Sasha, a woman, was murdered in her apartment, and Angie and Michael Ormewood are given the case to investigate. The two of them trace the blue dye in her hair to her neighbor’s apartment. Nico, who prefers the pronouns they/them, is Sasha’s neighbor who claims that they heard a fight from inside Sasha’s apartment while they were coloring their hair.