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Different Ways to Use Your Airfryer

3 One Pot Meals to Make in 15 Minutes or Less

Here are 3 one pot meal ideas perfect for a quick meal and all so filling. These one-pot meal ideas are great when you are on a budget or on a time crunch. Each of these recipes takes less than 15 minutes to make. They are also simple, yet savory and delicious. Enjoy! Spicy Chicken […]

By Aiden O'Hara

Healthy Snacks to put in your Kids Lunchbox

Snacks are a great way to ensure that your children consume the necessary amount of nutrients each day. They can also be a quick and easy way to get them to eat better at school. Here are some healthy snacks for kids that are easy to prepare: Hummus and vegetable sticks Hummus is a tasty […]

By Lindsey Mills

How to Prevent Food Waste

Food waste is food that is not eaten and just ends up being thrown away. This can happen at any point in the food supply chain; for example: production, processing, transport, retailing, storage and consumption. It is a waste of resources and damages the environment. Here are some ways you can prevent food waste. Avoid […]

By Rudy Kunde

How to Start a Food Garden in your Backyard

A food garden, or vegetable garden, is an area devoted solely to growing food. This could be a patch of land or pots in a yard if space is more limited. You can grow a wide variety of things in a food garden, from tomatoes to potatoes and beans to cucumbers. Clear the Land If […]

By Tianna West

Summer Salad Recipes to Try

Need some new recipes this summer? here are 5 salads you need to try.

By Tianna West

Pesto Eggs

TikTok Pesto Eggs

Pesto eggs are the latest viral recipe taking over TikTok! How can you not enjoy the yummy pesto taste, with such a quick and easy recipe?

By Darren Weber

Crawfish Boil

Crawfish Boil 101

Have you ever been to a crawfish boil? With the warm season around the corner, here's what to expect. Or how to host your own!

By Darren Weber

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day Meal Ideas

Looking for a lucky recipe to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Consider this list your new pot of gold. 

By Tony Rosenbaum

Meal Kit Delivery Services

Comparing Three Meal Kit Delivery Services

Want to try a meal kit delivery service but not sure which one? Here's a comparison of the top 3 well-known options to help you decide.

By Rudy Kunde