Who is Erin Carter? — Season 1, Episode 1 Recap

The new Netflix series unravels the complex life of Erin Carter and her daughter Harper, two British expatriates now living in Barcelona. While the show is fictional, it delves into their enigmatic lives in a way that is all too real.

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Five years into their Barcelona life, Erin has built a stable relationship with Jordi, a nurse at a local hospital. Currently working as a temp teacher at St. Joseph International School, Erin is eagerly preparing for an upcoming interview. This interview could offer her a permanent role.

Harper, her daughter, has her own set of troubles. She’s recently butt heads with Antonio. Antonio is a classmate who teased her about her light-sensitive eyes that require special glasses for sun protection. Antonio is the son of Penelope Reyna, a wealthy business tycoon’s wife. The altercation has Harper dismissed from the school musical and also puts her at risk of expulsion.

The drama takes an unexpected turn. Erin and Harper are in a supermarket robbery during a routine stop for restrooms. Erin hides Harper under a pile of fruit crates but ends up confronting one of the armed robbers when he discovers Harper. Demonstrating unexpected skill, Erin subdues the man but is forced to shoot him when he begins to strangle her. The robber’s last words before succumbing to a heart attack in the ICU? He calls her “Kate.”

Erin becomes a local hero but finds herself under scrutiny. Emilio, a police officer and Jordi’s best friend, informs her that his superior, Inspector Tabarez, has summoned her for questioning. Tabarez presents footage showing Erin’s extraordinary abilities during the robbery and questions the legitimacy of her past employment references, prompting an investigation into her background.

As tension escalates, Erin attempts to reconcile with Penelope, her neighbor, but catches her in a compromising situation with her tennis instructor. Armed with this leverage, Erin coerces Penelope to withdraw her complaint against Harper. This causes a rift between Jordi and Erin, as he was unaware of Harper’s earlier expulsion from the musical.

At a school musical event, Erin’s focus is hijacked by a mysterious woman who also calls her Kate. A violent struggle ensues, involving a knife and ending with Erin killing the woman in her classroom. Emilio, who witnesses the act, doesn’t report her. Instead, he helps her dispose of the body and confesses his own entanglement with some “bad men” who will require Erin’s assistance.

The opening episode closes on a cliffhanger: Erin, rummaging through her storage room, retrieves a hidden gun just as Harper walks in. The tension is palpable, leaving Erin to ponder how she’ll explain this to her daughter.

With its compelling start, the series showcases some extraordinary action sequences, courtesy of lead actress Evin Ahmed. Yet, it’s evident that the show has more to reveal, not just about the unfolding plot but also about its complex characters. The seven-episode season promises to delve into Erin’s shadowy past and the reasons behind her move to Barcelona.

The show’s creators have a hefty challenge ahead to sustain audience interest in both the story and its characters, who are portrayed by talented actors like Sean Teale and Indica Watson. The series, however, needs to work on its world-building elements, which seem somewhat generic at this point.

In summary, the show has captivated its audience right from the opening scenes, leaving us intrigued to explore not just the mystery of Erin’s past, but also the deeper layers of all the characters involved.

Who is Erin Carter? is now streaming on Netflix.